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Final Lead

Ultimate Car And Truck Simulation Integration And Visual True Runtime For Safe, Easy And Completed Autonomous Driving.


Made For Minimal Pay And Effort.

Provide Maximal Safety At Any Speed.

Within A Finalized Product.

By A Tidy Digital Only Technology.

With Your Custom Brand Experience.


One Big Advance Technology.

1000 Euro For One Vehicle

With Scale Production Ratio.




Problem Research
There Are Exist Problems On AI Auto Simulation. That Adapted Model Is Very Complex, Not Suitable For All Cases And Had No Exact Physical Metric. Its A Better Choice If You Translate Reality Pixels To Geometry And Build A Model For Interactive Motion. The Neural Nets Are Only Partly Useful For Traffic Symbolic And Danger Attention.

Interaction Platform
A Video To Interactive Vertex Algorithm. A Abstract Theory For One Complete Vehicle Simulation. A Flow For Drive, Danger And Chaos Situation. Integration To Google Maps For Routing. Physics Detection And Prediction. Image Data Predict At GB/s. A Variety To Camera Count And Perspectives. A Clear Sight Function. Integration For Mechanical Sense. Need A Single Processing Unit.